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     I have lived in Colorado for most of my life.  I enjoy exercising, playing volleyball, hiking and spending time with my family.   I have a passion for exercise and being fit; I absolutely love it and want to share that with others to help them change their lives. I am a Personal Trainer, certified by Aerobics Fitness Association of America (AFAA); I am also CPR and First-aid certified.  I have a gym in my home that I train in and also like to go outside when weather permits.  I have three cute boys and a little girl that keep me going and I love it.  I also have a wonderful husband that is a big support to me.  Welcome to my website and a new way of looking at fitness and personal training.  Whether you are in shape and just want to blast past your normal workout and challenge yourself to get past those plateaus or you are out of shape and want to change your way of life and make exercise a priority I am the one for you.  Feeling good about yourself and understanding your self worth is very important.  Through personal training and exercise you can gain the self worth you have always wanted.  Want to lose weight?  I can help you do that.  Want to gain muscle mass and tone?  I can help you achieve those goals.  Want to feel young again and have more energy then ever before?  We will get you there, together.  There are so many reasons and excuses you can't work out 'don't have time', 'don't feel good', or 'it's too expensive'. I will help you find the time and make it work for you.  There are also so many reasons why you should workout which outweigh the reasons why you shouldn't.  You have to do your part and I will do mine!  We will get you to whatever goals you have in mind and make you feel good about yourself.  I will give you a passion for exercise that you never knew you could have.