I had the pleasure of having Melissa as a personal trainer in 2013.  She is patient and caring and is completely focused on your needs and goals.  She makes sure that proper form and technique is used at all times.  She taught me a lot about nutrition and the do's and dont's of maintaining a healthy diet.  I trained with Melissa for 12 weeks and lost over 20lbs!  Not only is she a wonderful trainer, she is an amazing person in general!
                            -Jaime Heifner

I came to Melissa at Blast the Past Fitness after my third pregnancy and C-section.  I was so impressed with her ability to help me get back in shape in a manner that pushed me, yet did not force me into anything too fast considering how out of shape I was and my C-Section.  My strength and stamina improved steadily and I have never felt better after having a baby.  The compliments from friends and family were all I needed to know that I was on the right track with Melissa.
                              -Celeste Huss

"I took one look at 'last years' vacation photos of the giant belly that I had hanging off of me, and realized that I had become something that I had never dreamed of - really fat.  In the space of about 8 weeks Melissa helped me lose 8 lbs of pure fat while gaining plenty of upper body muscle.  The sweat marks on my t-shirt when I worked out, eventually moved from my belly to my chest.  Melissa was able to work around my busy schedule.  She was always upbeat and helped me to stay focused.  Even with vacations and sickness interrupting my workouts and diet, I still was able to see dramatic results.  Now when I see myself in the mirror, I smile."
                             - Rob Clark

"I had the privilege of training with Melissa for 9 months. She was very professional and pushed me in the areas I wanted to work on. I had originally started working with her because of back problems. Since training with her and continuing to use the exercises that she taught me, not only has my back been good but I have lost weight and been complimented on my arms and improved posture from friends I haven't seen in years!" -
                             -Stephanie  Ashby